AET Program

Juniors and Seniors may enroll in the Academy for Engineering and Technology (AET) program at New College Institute. Through a partnership with Virginia State University, high school students receive college credit in engineering and technology courses.

There are two academic tracks within the AET: an engineering focus, and a technology focus. Engineering students focus on the design of software and processes, have completed calculus-level math, and may go on to pursue a bachelor’s degree in engineering upon completion of the program. Technology students focus on the software application, manipulating and utilizing advanced manufacturing equipment, and may choose to enter the workforce immediately upon program completion, or pursue high education.

All students will receive certificates detailing the program they completed and the skills they developed. All students also have an opportunity to complete an internship as well as attend numerous on-site industry visits.

The AET program is housed in NCI’s uptown Martinsville campus, although a new facility is currently under construction (to be completed in summer 2014). The 50,000 square foot new building will include high bay manufacturing space and $2.5 million in new equipment in addition to compute labs, classrooms, and meeting space. NCI officials and faculty meet regularly with regional industry to determine appropriate equipment, software, and certifications needed by the students.