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Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Martinsville City Public Schools will be closed on Tuesday, December 11, 2018.  Employee Code 0.



Dr. Zebedee Talley, Jr.


P: (276) 403-5821  F: (276) 403-5830

Angilee Downing

Assistant Superintendent of Instruction

P: (276) 403-5820

Travis Clemons

Executive Director of Administrative Services

P: (276) 403-5722

Paulette Simington, Ed.D.

Executive Director of Special Education & Student Services

P: (276) 403-5856

Sarah Byrd

Director of Human Resources, Communications & Community Outreach

P: (276) 403-5827

Janie Fulcher

Clerk of the Board & Executive Assistant to the Superintendent

P: (276) 403-5723

Steven Tatum

Director of Technology

P: (276) 403-5719

Jerry L. Epling

Director of Facilities

P: (276) 403-5715

T. J. Slaughter

Director of School Safety & Emergency Management

P: (276) 403-5857

Rosabelle Holmes

Alternative Programs Coordinator

Felicia Preston

Director of Pupil Personnel

P: (276) 403-5833  F: (276) 403-5830

Todd Cassell

Coordinator of Career Development

P: (276) 403-4777

Martha Sherwood

Coordinator of Assessment & Data Management

P: (276) 403-5836

Liz Hoskins

Special Education Coordinator & Educational Diagnostician

Patsy Ashburn

Budget Analyst-Federal Programs

Vanessa Haynes

Human Resources Specialist

Tracey Adkins

Human Resources Specialist

Suzi Craig

Budget Analyst - Medicaid

Reva Jackson

Administrative Associate, Special Education & Student Services

Sherry Gammons

Administrative Associate, Facilities

Lisa Pickett

Administrative Associate, Instruction

P: (276) 403-5795

Damien Tarpley

Coordinator of Transportation

P: (276) 403-5860

Dr. Tamra J. Vaughan

Coordinator of Academic Interventions, Title III, Foreign Language, and Mentoring

P: (276) 403-5708

Mary Ann Jennings

Coordinator of English, History, Advanced Programs, and Fine Arts

Judy S. Cox

Coordinator of Mathematics, Student Performance Data, and Gifted Services

P: (276) 403-5704  F: (276) 403-5830