Parent Involvement Survey

All parents of school-aged children and youth who receive special education services in Virginia’s schools are encouraged to complete the Department of Education’s annual Parent Involvement Survey. This is a great opportunity for parents to provide input to help guide efforts to improve services and outcomes for their children.

Your responses will be kept anonymous and never be linked to your child. The results of this survey will be made available to the public.

Access the online survey here.

If you are unable to take the survey online, Martinsville City Public Schools will provide paper versions for your use. All paper versions will include a pre-addressed postage paid return envelope. All responses will be sent directly to the Virginia Department of Education.

This survey is asking you to reflect upon your experiences during the current school year. If you have any questions related to the Parent Involvement Survey, please contact Hank Millward at the Virginia Department of Education at (804) 371-0525, or email at Hank.Millward@doe.virginia.gov.

For additional information regarding parent training and advocacy please visit the Parent Educational Advocacy Training Center’s website at http://www.peatc.org/ or call (800) 869-6782. Another resource for families is the Center for Family Involvement at www.centerforfamilyinvolvement.org, or call (877) 567-1122 or (804) 827-1547 (English/Español).

Esta encuesta se le pide que sobre sus experiencias durante el año escolar actual. Si usted tiene alguna pregunta sobre esta encuesta, por favor llame a Hank Millward, en el Departamento de Educación de Virginia, (804) 371-0525, o escribelo a Hank.Millward@doe.virginia.gov.

Para obtener información adicional en material de formación de los padres y asistencia por favor visite el sitio web del Centro para Padres que Abogan por la Educación Especial de Sus Hijos http://peatc.org/. Otro recurso para las familias es el Centro de Participación de la Familia en www.centerforfamilyinvolvement.org o llame al (877) 567-1122 o (804) 827-1547 (Inglés/ Español ).