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Checking for Understanding Strategies

Class Profiles

Assessment Blueprint - 2016
SOL Math Tests in 2012 Changes
Techniques to Check for Understanding
MCPS Assessment Map 

Grading and Reporting
Grading Guidelines
Parent K-5 Report Card Guidelines
Teacher K-5 Report Card Guidelines

Online History Resources
Beyond the Bubble 
Stanford History Education Group 
Virginia Memory 
Fordham University 
World History Sources 
World History Connected 
University of Texas 
Exploring Ancient Cultures 

Home Visit
Home Visit Information

Lesson Planning
Revised Balanced Literacy Lesson Plan
Unit/Lesson Plan Template Other than English and Math
Unit/Lesson Plan Template for English and Math
Learning Objectives
Higher Level Questioning
Questioning for Quality Thinking

Project Based Learning
Project Information and Reflection
Project Information Teacher Form

DOE Reading Comprehension Videos
K-5 Reading Instructional Strategies
Middle School and High School Reading Instructional Strategies
Reading A to Z
Reading Program Overview

Record of Intervention / Remediation Services - Math
Record of Intervention / Remediation Services - Reading

Student Learning
VA SOLs, Bloom's Taxonomy and Research-Based Strategies
Questioning for Quality Thinking
Techniques to Check for Understanding

Syllabus Template
Syllabus Template

Professional Development
Professional Development Action Plan